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Michael Kors Teams up with Fossil Watches

Michael Kors has a great reputation for fashion accessories and the news is that this design company is now teaming up with Fossil Watches. These chronographs are going to be part of the 2011 autumn Michael Kors collection. This is not the first time that these two have teamed up; in fact they first worked together in 2004 when they put together an impressive collection that won a lot of praise. Michael Kors has always claimed that accessories are vitally important if a woman wants to look chic. A wardrobe is just not complete unless there are a few fashionable accessories to go with the clothes. This design company demands that their products set a high standard in regards to quality and fashion; they expect the same from their partners. It is therefore quite a compliment that Michael Kors is so eager to be associated with Fossil watches. In autumn 2011 we can look forward to getting our hands on the Fossil watches collection ...

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