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Zenith Wins Watch of the Year

Zenith continues to be the most cutting edge and quality Swiss watchmaker so I suppose that it won’t come as too much of a surprise to hear that they have won watch of the year 2011. In fact the chronograph walked away with two prizes because they also picked up, ‘most complicated watch of the year’. Tag Heuer and Corum also performed well but it was undoubtedly Zenith’s night. This event was hosted by Chitralekha Group and was held in Greater Nordia. The watch that caught the judge’s attention was the Zenith Christophe Colomb watch. This stunning chronograph is inspired by Christopher Columbus who is the most famous explorer of all time. The watch face contains a small bubble that contains a Cardan suspensioi; this is the exact same mechanism that would have been found in the ship’s compass of Christopher Columbus. The watch is created to ensure the best possible precision; it is probably this that most impressed the ...

The Best Ever Emporio Armani for Men

Emporio Armani has produced some great watches over the years. My personal favourite is the Armani Men's Watch Meccanico AR4630 with the rubber strap. This really is a stunning watch that manages to look sporty and elegant at the same time. This is the type of chronograph that I’d be happy to wear no matter what the occasion. It would look equally at home at a formal occasion as it would on the running track. The Emporio Armani AR4630 comes with the famous Armani Meccanico Movement to ensure that time passes as it should do. The display looks really chic and is created using silver multi dual system. The watch is kept safe using a clean looking stainless steel case. The strap is very comfortable and secure and is made from black rubber. This watch is also water resistant to an impressive 30 metres. If you are looking for something stylish and durable then I highly recommend the Meccanico AR4630. There are a lot of good watch...

The Rise of ICE Watches

It is hard to believe that ICE watches have only been on the scene since 2007. This brand name has managed to win so much respect and already feels like a permanent fixture in the world of fashion. ICE watches opened for business in Belgium, but have quickly become a recognizable international brand name. The Secret of the Success of ICE Watches The success and adoration that has already been directed towards Ice watches has made a lot of the rest of us envious. How can you become such a hit so fast? Well it doesn’t take too long to work out the secret of the success of this company. At its most basic level it is all about high quality watches at very affordable prices. The other important factor in the success of these watches though is the fact that so much effort goes into their design. They are most definitely stylish and the designers are not afraid to be bold in their efforts. When you purchase an ICE Watch you do feel ...

Which Armani Watch Should I Buy?

Even the name Armani sounds classy so it is little wonder that people are attracted to this type of designer watch. Mind you, there is a lot more to Armani watches than just a name, these are high quality chronographs that just ooze with style and sophistication. Those who are looking to buy such a watch may be a bit confused by the option though so here are a few ideas about the type of Armani watch you may want to buy. Armani Sport Watches If you lead an active life then you might well want to have an Armani sport. These chronographs not only look like something that belongs on a sporty person’s wrist, but they will also tend to come with practical advantages for those who lead this type of lifestyle. Armani Newness Watches Armani Newness watches are considered the ultimate in modern chic. This is part of the Emporio range and so they have been designed to impress. If you want to create a favourable impression with ...

Breo Watches the new name in designer watches

I think that Breo is a great new brand that is quickly becoming a forward thinking design team. breo ® products appeal to people who are looking for something a little different. Sport is a key theme when it comes to our design, so we make sure that comfort features highly. With board sports in mind, our authenticity is evident in our designs. All our products are exclusive, giving our customers a unique and individual style. With a luxurious and young range making its way to shelves in the UK   The website is funky and fresh, very appealing to the clubber market with a kind of familiar wordpress type of blog feel to it. Check out the website here It has various core sections including a Store locator for approved breo watches The product has appeared in a range of magazines and press from FHM to ASOS fashions hot 50. Most of the watches are bright colours and funky in feel. Build quality is definately ...

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    The History of Watches

    One of the most popular gadgets every created was the watch. This is something that most of us ow...

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  • The Rise of ICE Watches

    The Rise of ICE Watches

    It is hard to believe that ICE watches have only been on the scene since 2007. This brand name ha...

    April 5, 2011 -