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Men that love sports need a good watch to keep them on track. These items are not only good for keeping the time but they also come with lots of other great extras for the active sportsman. Here are just some of the best sports watches for men available on the market.

Casio Men’s PAW2000-1CR Pathfinder Digital Multi-Function Resin Band Watch

This watch has a nice slim design so that it feels nice on your wrist during activities. The display comes with enhanced LCD so that things are a lot more visible; this is going make things easier when you’re checking your time on a run. It also comes with a built in compass so that you never need to get lost again. You also have an altimeter so that you can keep an eye on your altitude. This watch is fully waterproof up to 100 metres. This is a good watch for a sportsman and can be bought for around £150.

Timex Men’s T45581 Expedition E-Instruments Tide Temperature and Compass Watch

This sporty Timex watch can be bought for around £100 and it is ideal for those people who love a bit of adventure in their life. It comes with an in-built temperature sensor as well as tide tracker and electronic compass. This chronograph benefits from quartz movement and is water resistant up to about 100 metres. It comes with a black leather strap and a stainless steel case.

TAG Heuer Men’s WAF1110.BA0800 2000 Aquaracer Quartz Watch

TAG Heuer is the one of the top names in sport watches and the Aquaracer is one of the most desirable watches for active people. It is not cheap and you can expect to pay about £1000 for this watch. There are many who will agree that the price is worth it though when you see what you get for your money. Not only is this a beautifully designed chronograph, but it also comes with precise Swiss ETA F06.111 quartz movement. It is especially designed for water sports and is water resistant up to 300 metres; it is also perfect for using with a diving suit. It comes with at calendar at the 3 o’clock position as well as three hand function.

Zenith Men’s 96.0529.4035/51.M Defy Xtreme Tourbillon Titanium Chronograph Watch

If you have a spare £100,000 you might want to splash out on this luxurious sports watch by Zenith. It comes with a titanium case and this makes it water resistant up to 1,000 metres. This is a very tough watch that can handle a lot of force and pressure. It is also scratch proof and for improved visibility it comes with luminous hands. If this is the type of watch you would love on your wrist you will need to buy quickly; there have only been 25 of these watches made.

Casio Men’s GW9200-1 G-Shock Riseman Alti-Therm Solar Atomic Watch

This watch is perfect for those sportsmen who require accurate time keeping. It uses radio signals to ensure that the watch is always displaying the correct time; these signals are picked up 6 times a day. This watch also measures altitude, temperature, and comes with an inbuilt barometer.  The watch is even able to track information over time. It is a fantastic piece of equipment to have on your arm and it can be bought for only £150 – not bad when you consider how much you are getting for the money. The watch is water resistant to about 600 feet and it looks impressive as well. If that wasn’t enough it is also solar powered as well.

Haurex Italy Men’s CA356USS Magister Automatic White Dial Watch

This is another expensive watch that comes with a price tag of about £700. It is a beautifully designed chronograph that doesn’t require a battery – it is powered just from the movement of your arm as you go about your business. The watch has six exhibition windows with jewels and the back of the case is transparent. This is the type of watch that is not only perfect for sports but also for more formal occasions.

Timex Men’s T5E231 Ironman 100-Lap FLIX System Watch

If you are looking for something that isn’t too expensive but is highly functional then you might be interested in this Time Men’s T5E231 Ironman watch. This can be yours for about £50. It comes with 6 interval timers and 5 alarms. It is designed especially for those people who enjoy triathlons; checking your times is easy with this watch no matter how fast you are moving. It comes with an indigo night light for visibility- this can be activated by a flick of the wrist. This Timex watch is water resistant to about 100 metres.

So there you have just some of the best men’s sports watches on the market today. If you live an active life then you deserve one of these great chronographs.

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